A infographic can be a good way for your company to communicate information to your audience without them feeling overwhelmed by it. You can use it as a promotion tool or to show your progress to your network. This is resuseable content that is very easy to pass around. It's not stiff as lists with number but dynamic like a story.
Below are a few examples of an infographic being inplimented and their themes.  
Night of the Koemarkt is a local yearly music event that brings all kind of music and people together to have a good time. This event is completly free and operates on sponsors. They tasked me to create an infographic that could serve potential sponser by informing them about the options to become a sponsor.  Video in Dutch
The European Center For Evidence-Based Mentoring is a research center that focusses on researching mentoring in Europe. I worked with them for a small period of time to design somethings including this video. They were looking for a infographic that displayed all their reached goals of 2018/2019. This makes it more intresting for their partners to ingest information about the organisation and gives their communication a more dynamic feel. Video in English.

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